Holidays are my favorite, I love getting to seeing my family I do not get to see that much. Holidays are interesting though, they are often hectic and challenging. There is multiple stops in one day but that is just part of having a blended family. Everyone has to see each side of their... Continue Reading →


Tips for a Step Parent

    Tips for a Blended family. Focus on individual relationships It is important to take time to and develop individual relationships with each child and each parent. It is easy to neglect certain relationships when new ones come into the picture. It is very important for children of a blended to be reassured that... Continue Reading →


A sister can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I have one sister from birth and another by marriage. They are both younger than me and in high school. They are the queens of stealing my clothes are everything else that is left unprotected in my room. I literally have to hide my... Continue Reading →

Step Parents

When parents begin to start dating after they have been divorced it is always an uncomfortable transition. It becomes an extremely difficult situation when children are involved. I had had a stepmother for over ten years now and it has certainly been an interesting experience. There are many good times but also many difficult ones.... Continue Reading →

Road Trips

Road Trips are always exciting and usually something to look forward to. In my family road trips were something we often have ill feelings towards. Seven people and two large dogs stuffed in one car usually made for a hostile situation. The week before a family trip everyone begins planning and scheming to make sure... Continue Reading →


For most of my early childhood I just had my sister and she was my best friend. Dad had us both convinced that boys have cooties and when needed nothing to do with them. I could not even imagine what it would be like to have a brother, let alone two of them. We had... Continue Reading →

“Seventh Heaven”

If you have ever seen the TV show "Seventh Heaven", you would have a good idea of what my family looks like. There are my parents, five kids and two dogs. Our house it always hectic, loud and crazy but oddly welcoming. In the show all the kids have the same two parents so parenting comes... Continue Reading →

The First Day of Forever

The first day is one I will never forget. This would be the day that my life would forever be changed. I never really understood what it meant to be a  blended family. I never imagined that would ever be something that I would encounter in my life time. For as long as I could... Continue Reading →

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